Commercial Buses

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From city bus to tour bus, and everything in between.

Thomas Built Buses offers a variety of commercial buses. Whether your focus is short, local routes, or long trips, there are plenty of options to customize each bus to your specific needs.

There are three different choices offered: Transit-Liner® C2, EFX and HDX.

In addition to function and versatility, customers choose Thomas Built Buses because of the unwavering commitment to safety and reliability. Those are two important factors when making a long-term investment in city or commercial buses.

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Transit-Liner® C2

tlinee - Commercial Buses

Built to your custom specifications and high standards.

Passenger capacity
Up to 52

158″, 179″, 199″, 219″, 238″, 259″, 279″

Up to 33,000 lbs.

Detroit DD5
Cummins® ISB 6.7 L
Cummins ISB 6.7 G
8.0L V-8 LPG with liquid propane injection system

Zonar V3 advanced telematics system

The Transit-Liner® C2 commercial bus is incredibly versatile. Thomas Built Buses can customize it to meet your specific needs, including features like coach-style seating, overhead roof racks, video systems and tinted windows. Years ago the C2 set the industry standard, with outstanding maneuverability, state-of-the-art driver ergonomics and the most visibility among all Type C buses. It’s built to the same standards as a school bus, providing long-term durability with all-steel construction. Other commercial buses simply don’t meet those levels of quality.

Transit-Liner® EFX

EFX - Commercial Buses

Built for both the long and the short haul.

Passenger capacity
Up to 56

136″, 174″, 212″, 231″

Up to 36,200 lbs.

Cummins® ISB6.7 L

Zonar V3 advanced telematics system

Thomas Built Buses’ city and commercial buses are ideal for both long trips and in-town routes. The versatile Transit-Liner® EFX bus keeps up to 56 passengers comfortable and secure. Thomas Built Buses designed the cockpit for driver comfort and safety, with ample leg room and optimized access to controls. The engine cover allows quick, tool-free access to the engine, fluids, and belts, keeping routine maintenance time to a minimum. The EFX activity bus was designed after listening to drivers and mechanics, which helped maximize efficiency. And with one of the most extensive dealer networks in the industry, you’ll always have support nearby.

Transit-Liner® HDX

Transit Liner - Commercial Buses

A comfortable ride. A commitment to safety.

Passenger capacity
Up to 54

181″, 209″, 238″, 267″, 277″

Up to 36,200 lbs.

Detroit Diesel DD8
Cummins® ISB6.7 & ISL9
CNG – Cummins ISL & Cummins ISB6.7G

Zonar V3 advanced telematics system

The Transit-Liner® HDX is a transit-style commercial bus that’s designed for comfort on even the longest trips. Heavy-duty shock absorbers take on any terrain, from mountain roads to narrow city streets, while the rear-engine design keeps the ride nice and quiet for the driver. Options like coach-style seating, pass-through under body storage, overhead book racks and air conditioning help accommodate up to 54 passengers. And of course, nothing is more important than Thomas Built Buses’ high standards of safety, demonstrated by meeting and often exceeding FMVSS/CMVSS. All that, combined with one of the most extensive, coast-to-coast dealer networks, makes the HDX city and commercial bus an excellent, long-term, long-journey choice.