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Diamond Coach

We have a VIP 2200 in stock and available for immediate delivery.
This bus is a 12 seater with 2 wheelchair positions.

Six photos of white VIP 2200

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The Original Soft Shield

The Original Soft Shield is a removable barrier used in between seats to help protect against the spread of airborne germs or diseases. Engineered for quick install but holds up to daily weathering. Use this demountable guard to provide physical separation between seats. Easy to assemble and disassemble for relocating or sanitizing.

Safe Shield COVID-19 School Bus Safety Divider

Atmos Clear Clean Air UV-C Technology

Atmos Air Clear equipment
What is Atmos Clear?

Atmos Clear reduces the spread of viruses, airborne bacterium, irritants and infectious agents within ANY space.

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Why Atmos Clear?

What makes this product unique is that it is a combination of UV-C and ION discharged all in one powerful, small package!

The Atmos Clear Air Medical is capable of changing the air in an average space of 20ft x 13ft x 8ft in approximately 30 minutes or less.

Also, it has been scientifically proven that UV-C kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacterium. For more information on the 12v DC version for use in your vehicle, follow this link.

Ford Gas/Diesel Pick Up Beds

$1,000 Each
2019/2020 Ford F250/350 8’ Gas/Diesel Pick Up Bed
Includes: Tailgate, Taillights and Bumper
Not included: Back Up Camera or Sensors

For More Information call:
Leslie – 856-845-2800 Ext 29,

Located in Thorofare, NJ

Ford Pickup beds stacked up on themselves

Ford Pickup beds tailgates

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