Trans Mist: A Safe, Easy and Effective Sanitizing System

Onboard Vehicle Sanitizing System with Smart Controller Technology

Take your cleaning process out of the equation and give your company a repeatable result. The automatic cycle removes human variability and error.

Trans Mist saves considerable money by reducing the amount of cleaning fluid needed & labor needed to apply. It provides a fine mist like an electrostatic sprayer and has more control than an electric sprayer.

Safest system available that when used correctly requires NO PPE or special safety tools. Use your current liquid disinfectant and easily adhere to current cleaning standards.

For All School and Commercial Bus Applications

• Reduced operating cost.
• Quick and easy to install.
• Sleek, flush mount design.
• Simple to use.
• No replacement battery packs required.
• Use your current liquid disinfectant.

YouTube video: Introducing Trans Mist Automated Bus Sanitizing System – YouTube

transmist being used inside a bus
transmist closeup view from sidetransmist closup view straight on